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欄位說明 : 年份Year;主題講者Keynote Speaker;單位Affiliation;演講主題Speech Title;網址URL

年份Year 主題講者Keynote Speaker 單位Affiliation 演講主題Speech Title 網址URL
2020 N/A N/A N/A N/A
2019 The Anh Dao Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences
2019 Yue-Gau Chen Academia Sinica
2019 Kenneth Dean National University of Singapore Digital Humanities and the Study of Singaporean Cultural History
2019 Bor-Chen Kuo Ministry of Education,Taiwan Technology Enhanced Adaptive Learning in Taiwan
2019 Vanessa Evers NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity(NISTH) Socially Intelligent Robotics N/A
2018 Deirdre Mulligan University of California,Berkeley Rescripting Search to Respect the Right to Truth N/A
2018 Chris Jay Hoofnagle University of California,Berkeley The Tethered Economy N/A
2018 Sarah Kenderdine ?cole Polytechnique F?d?rale de Lausanne Experimental Museology:Reframing the Archive N/A
2018 Lin-shan Lee National Taiwan University Towards a Spoken Version of Google:Making the Global Knowledge Accessible by Voice N/A
2018 Brewster Kahle Internet Archive Future Internet: Knowledge Utopia or Digital Dystopia? N/A
2018 Vinton G.Cerf Google Digital Preservation N/A
2017 Huey-Jen Jenny Su National Cheng Kung University Data-Informed Decision Making in Public Health:Case Study in Tainan
2017 David S.H.Rosenthal Stanford University Libraries The Amnesiac Civilization
2017 Yang-Chih Fu Academia Sinica Tracking Social Interactions with Data from Sampling Surveys,Contact Diaries,and Social Media
2017 Ruth Mostern University of Pittsburgh Worlds Full of Places:Toward a Global Ecology of Historical Gazetteers
2017 Min-Fu Hsu National Cheng Kung University My Experience on the Application of 3D Digital Data on Cultural Heritage Cases in Taiwan
2017 Ling-Jyh Chen Academia Sinica Making Sense of Internet of Things:Using AirBox as an Example
2016 Michael K.Buckland University of California,Berkeley & Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative Data and the Construction of Reality
2016 Murtha Baca Getty Research Institute Are We Using Data Effectively to Connect Users to What They Seek?
2016 Johanna Drucker University of California,Los Angeles DataVisualization:Interpretative Dimensions
2016 Clifford A. Lynch Coalition for Networked Information
2016 Yi-Ping Hung National Taiwan University&Academia Sinica Flying Spirit in Dunhuang:Immersive Experience on Virtual Touring of Mogao Caves
2015 Peter K. Bol Harvard University Private Data,Public Goods
2015 Jane W.S.Liu Academia Sinica Disaster Risk Reduction Data,Challenges in Making Them Open
2015 Sheng-Wei Chen Academia Sinica
2015 Lionel M.Ni University of Macau What is the Big Idea Behind Big Data?
2014 Ming-Chu Fung National Palace Museum
2014 Sarah Kenderdine UNSW Art&Design,City University of Hong Kong The Age of Experience:Cultural Heritage and the Future of Museums

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